FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  On Monday, September 12, 2011, the United States
District Court of Nevada in Case No. 3:11-cv-00622-RCJ-VPC entered an Order
of Preliminary Injunction extending a Temporary Restraining Order that
resulted in the recognition of Thomas R. Wasson as the Chairman of the
Winnemucca Indian Colony.  The Court further directed the BIA to recognize
Misty Morning Dawn Rojo, Katherine Hasbrouck, Eric Magiera and Judy Rojo as
Council of the Winnemucca Indian Colony (WIC).

This Council has gone through numerous court actions since Glenn Wasson was
brutally murdered in February 2000, at the Community Administration Building
located on West South Street, Winnemucca, Nevada.  This murder has not been
resolved and the BIA has failed to recognize a government of the Winnemuuca
Indian Colony since December 2000.

Since 2000, the Smoke Shop, Community Administration Building and the
community on the 20 acres of WIC has been occupied by an unauthorized group
known as the “Bills and Ayers” group.  William R. Bills is not Native
American.  When these facts were told in Court, the United States Attorney
representing the Bureau of Indian Affairs had no response, thus the Court
entered its Order which will be in force until a trial on the merits.

Chairman Thomas Wasson stated, “The BIA has failed in its trust
responsibility to us as a federally recognized Tribe.  We believe that the
District Court has corrected the injustice that the Colony has suffered for
the last decade.  We look forward to working with the members and residents
of the Colony to create a safe, secure and lawful home for the Winnemucca
Indian Colony.”

For more information, youtube, Winnemucca Indian Colony, or google
Winnemucca Indian colony,

Defendants Notice of Compliance with Court Order
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Response to Motion
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10/2/2011 04:18:39 am

Greetings, Thomas Wasson still has explained why he has passed the Poly-Graph Test & DNA Test on the Murder of Glen Wasson his uncle. The Smoke Shop was a dream of Glen but was wasted money of the Tribe and membership. That's why Sharon Wasson Tom's dad resigned. He was made of the waste of theose funds. A Moduler building could of beed put up along time ago and been operating. The PUBLIC & MEMBERSHIP are requesting Thomas R. Wasson to do his Test in the publics eye and on TV to prove himself. The Wasson never even live on the Colony or clean it up all theses years. William Bills a Adopted Hawaiian/Filipino that was adopted by Ermon Bills which he was Born and Raised on the Colony cleaned up the colony out of his own pocket(Record & Photo's Support) did this without being asked. Why didn't the Wassons do this all these years. The Chairman Glen Wasson even had all the Tribes money in his own Bank account under his own SSN# (Bank Records Show). Bill race doesn't have to do with anything, it was when he exposed what they were doing with the Tribes money. Record show Tom Wasson spending @ $30,000 in 1 year at various Cat Houses ( Checks & Charge Cards Show) So Who's in the wrong. Do the People need someone Like this. Person of Interest and Stuck on himself. Do something for the people. We all Think NotTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Judy Rojo ,Misty RoJo not even on the Tribes last Rolls from 1997 and put themselves on the Council. They recieved the Pauite Claim.(Records Show). Judy knows better than that. Can't be both and have your cake and eat it too. She works for the Government and we guess thats how she thinks she can get away with it. Dept. Of Corrections. She never even lived on the colony too. These people need to live there to see what it's like. We've seen the photo's which will be published soon what the colony looked like in 1997 (War Zone) and what it looked like after William Bills Cleaned it up and what it looks like now(War Zone). Tommy Clean it up if you care. I was Born on the Colony and trying to speak for the elders. I'm 83 years old and if you like to visit me I can tell you the whole history of the colony. Elverine Castro, Richard Tom, Barbara Mills, Allen Ambler, Linda Ayers and so many more are enrolled with other Tribes. The colony is the colony and if you were born and raised on it you have rights. Shoshone / Pauite we're one people. We give our Vote to William Bills which has the Heart to do the job and clean it up again. He's done it before and we believe things will go his way and the membership support him. Ask Tom Wasson what he's done for the people. We sure can tell you what William Bills has done to at least help the elders. Sorry for rambling. E.F.Howard Shoshone Elder

10/2/2011 04:27:01 am

Sorry I made a mistake on my first comment. Why hasn't Tom Wasson Pass the Poly-Graph and DNA. I'm new to writing on the internet.Thanks E.F.Howard

12/30/2011 01:13:51 pm

Nice one info, thx

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